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I am a trained Title IX investigator and educator with extensive experience in higher education cases.

My work in community agencies, as well as nearly three decades working with college students, staff and faculty on issues of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking (as well as their loved ones and friends) makes me uniquely prepared to assist educational institutions on Title IX issues, as well as Complainants, Respondents and their families. 

  • As a social justice activist, I believe that gender-based violence is a symptom of social, cultural, political and economic imbalance. This imbalance creates conditions that suppress the voices of those who are marginalized, whether for their gender, sex, race, culture, country of origin, dis/ability, faith. This violence devalues survivors' humanity, causes tremendous harm to their well-being and can derail their life trajectories, At the same time, violence also harms the humanity of those who commit harm. 

  • Sexual misconduct cases, whether adjudicated through a formal process, handled informally, or simply addressed privately outside the purview of an educational institution, can be complicated, painful, and scary. I recognize that it is incumbent upon me to do what I can, regardless of my role in a sexual misconduct case, to mitigate additional harm. 

My experience and knowledge includes:

  • Over 40 years as a victim advocate and community educator on gender-based violence in California and Virginia, including several years as a Comprehensive Victim Intervention Specialist, credentialed by the National Organization for Victim Assistance.

  • Development and implementation of academic courses and training workshops for higher education institutions, high schools, government agencies and private businesses.

  • Informational and academic articles, training curriculums, screenplays and website content.

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Image of middle aged woman wearing a multi-color jacket, leaning against a brick wall.
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