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Selected examples of training and informational workshops

Image of a white female college student, a white male college student, and a Black male college student sitting at a table engaged in a class discussion.

The following training and informational workshops are available, as are customized sessions that meet the needs of your organization. Let's talk.

  • ​Introduction to Gender-Based Violence and Title IX

  • Preparing Your Child for College: The Stuff They Don’t Talk About—and Most Likely You Didn’t Either

  • What is Title IX? A Workshop for Parents

  • My Child Was Assaulted: A Workshop for Parents

  • My Child was Accused: A Workshop for Parents

  • The Impact of Gender-Based Violence in the Classroom and the Workplace

  • Working with Reluctant Complainants (for Title IX professionals)

  • LGBTQ+ Identity & Inclusivity and Supporting LGBTQ+ Survivors.

  • The Joys and Challenges of Teaching About Gender-Based Violence in the Classroom.

  • Bystander Intervention in the Face of Hate

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